Great Gatsby Inspired Nail Tutorial

The Great Gatsby was an awesome movie that we are sure a lot of you have seen and been fascinated by it. Besides the love story, even the costumes, scenes and excellent acting can be noted as spectacular. Today, we have for you a nail art tutorial that is inspired by the extravagant style of the movie. The nails look great combined with no matter which fashion style, so you don’t need a vintage appearance to wear them.


What you will need:
– olive green pearl nail polish;
– gold pearl nail polish;
– white polish with thin brush (for nail art);
– scissors;
– thin tape.

1. Paint all of your nails with the golden nail polish and let them dry very well.
2. With the scissors cut 6 very thin tapes and stick them to your index finger as you can see in the picture below then paint the nail with the green polish. After it has tried very well remove the tapes.
3. Now you will work on your ring finger, you will take 4 small tapes and stick them to your finger in a V shape. After that apply again green polish over, let it dry and remove the tapes.
4. The next thing you will do is to take your index finger and with 2 thin tapes you will make something like a triangle then you paint with green only inside the shape of the triangle.
5. On your little finger you will also make a small triangle, but now it will be pointing upward. Paint outside the triangle this time.
6. Take the white nail polish and paint small dots on the triangle nails as you can see in the pictures.
7. Let everything dry very well and repeat the same for the other hand and you can become even more creative if you want with different patterns!

Photo courtesy: bsugarcoated.

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