Gorgeous Blue Winged Eye Makeup Tutorial

Maybe you are used to see a lot of makeup looks that are made using black eyeliners, but as you can see blue eyeliners look great on eyes too, especially for party nights out. This makeup tutorial can be done easily in a few small steps, follow them and it will turn out great.
What you need:
– light blue eyeliner;
– blue eyeshadow;
– dark blue pencil eyeliner;
– white eyeliner;
– white eyeshadow;
– mascara.

Gorgeous Blue Winged Eye Makeup Tutorial


1. Prepare the eyelid by using an eyeshadow primer over it or some concealer.

2. Take the light blue eyeliner and start drawing a shape as you can see in the pictures below.

3. Add some blue eyeshadow on the outside of the shape then add some white eyeshadow in the inside of it.

4. Start lining the lower lash line of your eye with the same light blue eye pencil then line your upper lash line with the dark blue pencil.

5. Add some white eyeliner to your lower lash line on the inner part then finish the look with mascara.

Photo courtesy: beautifyandcreatify.

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