Gorgeous 80’s Home Slippers – DIY

Gorgeous 80’s Home Slippers - DIY (2)

All of the chic girls who love keeping that vizible no matter if anybody sees them in the privacy of their own home, will absolutely fall in love withthese slippers that are easy to make and don’t need to much time or money to make.

You will need:
– sewing machine;
– needle, thread and scissors;
– uni thick material for exterior – blue in this case;
– thin fabric with geometric print, for the interior of your slippers;
– some sewing skills.

Directions: Prepare a pattern like the one in the image, fold the fabric in two and cut 2 pieces from the blue fabric and 2 pieces from the printed fabric. Remember: ¼ seam allowance is included in the pattern we have, but you can make your own. Stitch the dotted line and the heel seam, right sides together. Do this to all 4 pieces of fabric. Stitch right sides together: uni and printed patterns, leaving small openings so that you can turn them over and hand stitch when done. Enlarge/decrease pattern so folded size measure 1 inch larger then your foot size. Tie and adjust to fit. Enjoy!

Gorgeous 80’s Home Slippers - DIY

Photo courtesy: handmadiya.

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