Glittery Cat Eyes Makeup Tutorial

This type of makeup is for someone more daring, someone who love to experiment and test the perceptions of people, because black and glitter are both powerful and combined together are even more out of the edge. One of the events you can wear this all year without being too awkward is when going out clubbing or for New Year’s Eve, as we all know that in that night everything is allowed to be worn. You will find this tutorial extremely easy to make, so lets see what you need to do.


What you will need:
– eyeshadow primer;
– black gel eyeliner;
– dark blue and black eyeshadow;
– blue or gold glitter;
– blue eye pencil;
– mascara.

1. Apply eyeshadow primer on the lids then take the black gel liner and draw the shape you desire for the black eyeshadow to be applied in.
2. Take the dark blue eyeshadow and apply it on the inner corners of the eyes, then the black one on the outer corners. Blend the colors together.
3. Apply more black gel on the darker part, then add the glitter to the lids with tapping movements.
4. Line your lower lash line with blue eye pencil then finish the look with mascara.

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