Glitter Glamorous Shoes – DIY

Glitter shoe

Glittering shoes are often your answer for extra dose of glam that will complete any evening or special occasion look. While you can always buy yourself a pair, why not try making this DIY glitter shoes? This gorgeous pair of shoes can be a perfect companion when you celebrate New Year, going to parties, or attending Christmas dinners. Since the shoes are “custom made”, you can also easily find a pair that fits your size and taste without having to worry about the price or availability.

To begin, you’d have to prepare some materials. First you’d need a pair of suede pumps. Basically, you can use any kind of heeled shoes, but make sure the material used is nothing but suede, so that the glue can stick easily. Next, to avoid unnecessary cleaning, lay some old newspapers on the floor or on the table to avoid the mess. Remember, glitter can be very sticky and hard to clean! Now, get some school glue (liquid glue preferred, not paste), some colored glitters, and finally a paintbrush! Have you gotten everything?

Now, let’s get started!

First of all, grab the paintbrush and dip it on the glue to apply it on your shoe. Apply it on small sections, so that the glue doesn’t dry up before you stick the glitter. Next, sprinkle the glitter on the area that has glue on it. Be generous, you don’t want your shoes to look off! Shake off the excess after you have the area covered. Once you’re done, move on to the next section and repeat the process; glue and more glitter. Make sure that both shoes are perfectly covered in glitter. Let the shoe dry by leaving it overnight or for few hours. Finally, to make sure the glitter stays, use hairspray on the shoes. Ta-da! You’re done with your first ever glitter shoes! Now that you know how, why don’t you try making one?

Glitter Glamorous Shoes - DIY

Photo courtesy:(1) Henrie Marie; (2)yesmissy.

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