Glamorous Roll Perfect for Parties

Who would have thought that a simple roll in the hair can look so glamorous. When you go to a party consider making this hairstyle for yourself because besides being easy to make it is extremely cute and chic. Looks amazing on long hair and even on medium to short hair as long as you have enough hair to roll. You will look glamorous and chic without being too bold.

Glamorous Roll Perfect for Parties (2)

What you will need:
– some hair clips or bobby pins;
– a comb.

Directions: After you have washed your hair and dried it properly comb it very well. Make a trail in the hair on the side you wish. Take a small section of it from the bigger side, comb it again and roll it slowly from where the trail starts until you go past your ears, as you can see in the pictures, then fix with the hair clips. This is optional, but if you feel you can use some hairspray and you are ready to go!

Glamorous Roll Perfect for Parties

Photo courtesy: 1. bmodish; 2. cosmopolitan.

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