Glamorous Ponytail Hairstyle

Glamorous Ponytail Hairstyle

A ponytail is a fun hairstyle for all occasions and ages, be it a formal gathering or simply a run in the sun! It keeps hair away from the face and makes you look every inch gorgeous as you are! So here is a neat hairstyle that gives the regular ponytail a slight twirl to make for a dreamy hairdo that is glamorous enough to be worn with your evening dresses! This style works best for shoulder-length or longer hair. So let’s get set to learn this!

1. Part your hair in two equal halves, like you would for two pony tails.
2. Make a ponytail from one of these halves just behind your ear and secure with a band.
3. Now with the remaining half, make two further partitions, but horizontal ones.
4. Take the top portion, twist it, and take it to the side to meet with the ponytail. Secure this with a band.
5. Now, take a section of the remaining hair, twist it in a similar fashion and secure to the side ponytail.
6. Repeat with the remaining hair.

Your dreamy ponytail is ready! Decorate it with gorgeous little bows or other accessories for a ‘WOW’ effect!


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