Glamorous Hairstyle Tutorial

One of the hardest things to decide when attending to a special and glamorous event is what hairstyle should you make for yourself. Let’s say you have the dress, you have the shoes and everything, but what can you make with your hair? If you have long hair, you can try out this hairstyle, it goes perfect with stunning dresses with all kinds of patterns and also with the simple little black dress. Doesn’t matter your fashion choice, this hairstyle will make you adorable. The only things needed are some hair elastics and some bobby pins. Use hairspray in the end if you want.

Glamorous Hairstyle Tutorial

Directions: After you have washed and dried your hair comb it very well. Take 2 strands of hair from left and right side, twist them a little bit then gather them with the hair elastic. Take another 2 small hair strands, twist again then gather them together with the previous hair too, as you can see in the pictures. Now, take the rest of the hair and make a loop from it, leaving some hair outside. Take the hair that is left outside and make small insertions of it between the hair elastics and ponytails from above. Use bobby pins whenever needed then an optional step is to apply hairspray for a better hold. Your gorgeous hairstyle is ready!

Photo courtesy: thebeautydepartment.

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