Things To Consider When Celebrating The Ones You Care About

When a special occasion comes around, there’s the temptation to simply think that spending time with the person is going to show that you care. There’s also the exact opposite thought some people have, where the more you spend, the more you care about the person. While both of these have some grain of truth to them, neither one is really the truth.

There’s a lot to going into a celebration and expressing that you care about the people you’re celebrating along with. There’s simply being there, being thoughtful, and expressing you’re willing to invest in your relationship and the other person’s happiness.

Truly Being There

Mindfulness and being in the moment have become buzz phrases over the past few years, especially among the yoga and crystals crowd. While there are a lot of deep meanings that one can infer from things like mindfulness, at the end of the day, this is simply an expression of being where and when you are while you’re actually there doing something important. This mindfulness extends into everything you do.

Being mindful comes about when you’re giving a gift, as well as while you’re actually at the person’s celebration. To be mindful, be punctual and show up looking your best. The more respect you show for your own appearance and how you act at the celebration, by extension, the more respect you’re also showing to the person whose special occasion you’re celebrating. This respect comes through in everything you say and do, even small things like your body language while you interact with the other guests.

Thinking of Others First

Being a generous person is a strange thing. For people who live in a scarcity mindset, the notion of generosity seems as if you’re sacrificing a part of yourself for another person’s benefit. But then, from a more abundant mindset, this isn’t the case at all. The energy you put into selecting something exceptional for another person, just like the energy you use when you’re doing some kind of favor for another person, is never going to be wasted energy because it will always come back over time.

When you think of others before you think about yourself, this does more than make you a pleasant and admirable person. It also makes you more abundant, and this energy does way more than just look good. People who are generous with others also tend to be happier people in general.

Selecting Just the Right Gift

When you choose a gift, it’s essential to mentally put yourself into the shoes of the person who will be receiving the gift. What kinds of experiences does this person enjoy having? When you’re perusing an extravagant champagne with gorgeous aromas, for example, imagine how great they will feel when they have that first taste, that first bite, or even when they are unwrapping the delicate foil that marks a truly fantastic experience in the making.

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