Gift Box for the Season – DIY

Gift Box for the Season - DIY

Who doesn’t love gifts?! It fills your heart with child-like joy each time you receive something, small or big, encased in glistening paper or a cute box! Here we will learn how to make a pillow gift box, which is perfect for presenting small gifts such as jewelry. It is easy to make, fun to create and will surely put a beaming smile of joy on the lucky person who receives it! You need: an old CD; thick sheet of paper; pencil; scissors; eraser; felt, or any other thick and soft fabric; triangle; ribbon or string; decorations such as pom-poms etc.; empty pen (without refill).

To make:
1. Place the sheet of paper horizontally on a table and the CD on the top left corner.
2. Mark the centre of the CD with a pencil.
3. Remove the CD and place the triangle such that it passes through the point which is parallel to the horizontal edge of the paper. Draw a line on this. Repeat for the vertical edge.
4. Put the CD back in its place such that the point coincides with its centre and draw its periphery.
5. Now, use the CD to make semi-circles at the points where the circle and lines intersect. Repeat for 3 quarters.
6. In the last quarter, make a full circle.
7. Use the triangle to make lines inside the second circle, at the points where both the circles meet.
8. Now, draw semi-circles in all the quarters of this second circle.
9. Cut the two circles out of the sheet, and place the cut-out on the fabric.
10. Score the line with the empty pen so that grooves get formed.
11. Now, fold every side, and get it to look like a box.
12. Tie it up with the ribbon/coloured string and decorate with the pom-pom!

Photo courtesy: handimania.

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