Get Perfect Polish Every Time With This Simple Trick

Get Perfect Polish Every Time With This Simple Trick

Doing your manicure at home by yourself shouldn’t be so difficult, but what if you are a little bit of a left handed person? We don’t always get to do it perfectly and sometimes it gets messy. The results aren’t always pretty and your cuticles and polished skin around your nails confirm it. To avoid that, you can use this simple trick in order to get perfect polish on your nails.

You will need:
– Vaseline;
– q-tips.

Directions: Put a q-tip into the Vaseline and carefully apply it on your skin around your nails (only on the skin, take care to not apply it by mistake on your nails). Paint your nails the way you do it normally and wait for the polish to dry. Take another q-tip and start cleaning the Vaseline you applied before and everything that is in plus there.

This is a stress free and smart way to get perfect manicure. You can use it in abundance every time you get your nails done!

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