Fruits with Mascarpone and Delicious Chocolate


This is one of those delicious and light desserts you can make on a relaxing Sunday to impress your family and friends. The creamy texture of the mascarpone cream, combined with the coolness and freshness of the strawberries will delight everyone’s taste buds. On top of that, melted chocolate will successfully add a sweeter taste and look to the final “product”. This dessert can be made one, even two days before serving as it can stay in the fridge without any problems and won’t lose it’s freshness. Try it!

What you will need:
– 100 g sugar;
– 2 egg yolks;
– 125 ml milk;
– 2 sheets of unflavoured gelatin;
– 250 g mascarpone;
– 100 g whipped cream;
– 200 g  strawberries, raspberries;
– 150 g dark chocolate;
– different kitchen utensils and bowls;
– a few small glass cups.

1. In a large bowl, put together the sugar with egg yolks then add the milk and mix very well.
2. Take the gelatin and prepare it as the instructions on the packaging tell you.
3. Pour the gelatin into the mix and blend together. Let the cream cool down a little bit (it should be just a little warm).
4. Add the mascarpone and mix again.
5. When the cream you made has cooled down to 22 degrees, add the whipped cream to it and you should end up having something like a mousse.
6. Wash the strawberries then cut them to small pieces (leave a few whole just for decorating).
7. Prepare your cups and put in each one some strawberries (raspberries).
8. Fill the cups with the mousse, leave just a little bit of space for the chocolate.
9. Melt the chocolate in the microwave or over some steam and pour it over the mousse you have put in each cup.
10. Finish decorating your dessert with a half of a strawberry as you can see in the pictures.
11. Serve immediately or store in the fridge before serving. Bon apetit!


Photo courtesy: tomatesverdesfritos.

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