Perfect breakfast or perfect dessert, these roll-ups can go both ways. They are extremely delicious and you don’t have to bake anything. Not to mention that they are quick to make and you can fill them with different things of your choice. The entire family will love them and if you have guests over, you can serve them a special dessert.

– toast bread;
– rolling pin;
– cream cheese;
– diced strawberries;
– nutella;
– a few eggs;
– sugar;
– cinnamon;
– milk;
– butter.

1. Cut down the crust from each bread slice and start flattening them with the rolling pin.
2. Place some filling on each bread slice, either cream cheese or nutella, or both then put the strawberries over.
3. Roll the slices then dip them into a mixture made of eggs.
4. Take a skillet, put some butter in to melt and brown the rolls in it.
5. After you have done this, roll them through a sugar-cinnamon mixture and they are ready to be served. Enjoy your delicious french toast roll-ups.

French Toast Roll-Ups

Source: the-girl-who-ate-everything.

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