Freckles Tattoos is Trending-And Not Everyone is Happy

Just when you think the world has run out of weird trends to be obsessed over, we’re once again shocked by the news of freckles tattoos. This head-turning trend seems to go against the conventional beauty standard which deems freckles as unattractive and encourage both women and men to cover up their freckles. This notion, sadly, has been going around for years, so the sudden love for freckles is nothing but expected.

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If you’re freckled, then you may still remember the frustration of having to dab foundation and beauty products just to conceal your freckles. But now, consider yourself lucky. Freckle-free people actually apply freckles tattoos across the tops of cheeks and nose using a semi-permanent tattooing technique.

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The tattoos may look dark and raised at first, but it will gradually fade and leave you with a more natural tone after few months (1 or 2 month, most of the time). The tattoos are not permanent, so after some time, if you decide that freckles aren’t for you, you don’t have to panic. They will fade completely.

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However, you may have to consider the fee. Getting freckles tattoos can cost you up to $250 per session (the session usually lasts an hour). But if you consider that the freckles tattoos made it to the Marc Jacobs fall 2017 show, spending $250 for the cute ink won’t be a bad decision, right?

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But, then again, the tattoos are getting mixed opinion. Some feel the ink is just not worth it, especially since it’ll fade gradually. Some say they look like blackheads, it doesn’t look natural, and the trend would eventually die down. Those with natural freckles just don’t understand why do people actually spend money and go through the pain of getting freckles tattooed on their faces. To a certain extent, some label the tattoos offensive.

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If you’re not up for the commitment of getting semi-permanent tattoos, you can always opt for temporary freckles tattoos (they come in a shape of stencils you can stick on your face and peel off afterwards) or penciled on ones. Some with extraordinary makeup skill can even recreate freckles using makeup products. Have fun trying!

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