Find The Right Blush According to Your Skin Tone

Wearing a blush sometimes is exactly the pop of color we need in order to complete our makeup. It is like the cherry from the top of the cake, you put it last and determines how good you look. The colors of the blushes you can wear may vary depending on the occasion, time of the day and age (for older women a light pink doesn’t look the best). Another factor to take in consideration is your skin tone which is extremely important when choosing the right blush, this is the defining factor in the end.

Avoid clown face or pale face with the help of this chart and see what blush suits you the most according to your skin tone.

Fair Skin Tone – is a very light tone, it tans harder and usually is like a porcelain. To not overdo the makeup, you always have to add light colors to your cheeks, any bold contrast is recommended to be avoided. Try shades of soft pink, peach and light coral which can enhance your features.

Medium Skin Tone – is a little darker than the fair skin but still lighter than the dark one, it allows a person to wear lots of shades of blushes even the light ones. Try shades of rich pink, deep peach and mauve which are best suited for this type of skin.

Dark Skin Tone – the darkest of all, looks best with dark colors, every light shade will make a funny contrast which ends in a makeup fail. Try shades of deep fuchsia, tangerine and warm brown which give a cheeky look to every dark skin.


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  1. Do you think a woman with medium skin can wear appropriate shades of mauve, peach or pink blush regardless of her hair and eye color? I’ve always loved the peach and light shades of coral, but every sales associate at any beauty counter I’ve visited always tells me I need to stay in the pink/rose blush AND lipstick group.

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