Find Out The Type Of Girlfriend You Are Judging By Your Bangs

Find Out The Type Of Girlfriend You Are Judging By Your Bangs

Seems funny but it appears that the way you wear your bangs can tell a few things about you, like what type of girlfriend you are. Each style is associated to certain personality traits that define generally the one wearing them. A lot of women wear bangs these days and if you are one of them, read below and find out the type of girlfriend you are.

1. Classic uneven bangs
This type of bangs show that you are a balanced person whose body and mind are both satisfied. You have a strong desire to be loved and you know how to take initiative in all areas of your life. You would love to be with someone who can follow you in your hobbies and someone that is playful. You like to share things and responsibilities and you don’t have problems with commitment.

2. Straight cut bangs
Usually this type of bangs hide the forehead and that means you are a person closed to love, maybe passive. This means you like to shut other people out, usually from some past trauma and you wish everyone around you to see you loveable. You need a man that is patient with you and has the time to slowly open your heart.

3. Classic bangs with left side parting
If you keep your hair more on the left side it means you are feminine and inclined toward a more feminine thinking process. The best suited roles for you are the ones you can be supportive in and your feminine qualities can flourish. You are reserved and timid and sometimes it is harder for you to find partners. Even if you have a bridge built up, you will slowly want to demolish it for the right person.

4. Classic bangs with right side parting
The right side of the body is associated with the masculine and that means you like activities where you can show your dominant side. You like to take initiative and you are comfortable with taking decision out of heart. One of the down sides of this is that men can think you are selfish and you want things to be your way. Guys younger than you get impressed by your attitude a lot and also timid and gentle ones who need a stronger personality next to them.

5. Very short and straight bangs
This type of bangs usually show a person who have nothing to hide, who is open for love and that once knows the person they desire they go for him. Once you get him, you desire to be understood and you want him to be mature. Best fits for you are more serious and mature men who can share your strong decision characteristic.

6. Centre parted bangs
Shows a person who likes to communicate and has very good social skills. The downside of this is that you might get aggressive when people don’t let you talk as you need to be the center of attention all the time. Guys generally like your style and the one who can admire you and tell you all day how beautiful you are can win your heart.

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