Feather Nails – DIY Tutorial

There are so many ingenious ways to create beautiful nails, using all kinds of nail polish brands and awesome colors to nail jewelry and applications. Many girls get creative and try out nail designs you have never thought about and this is a tutorial of that kind. You will actually use real feathers on your nails and they will look beautiful.

What you will need:
– different nail polishes to create the base;
– scissors;
– feathers;
– top coat.

1. You want to start with creating a base for the nails to stick to, better say, you want some beautiful colored nails that can create a contrast with the feathers and this depends on what feathers are available and what you can get and find. In this tutorial the model has gradient nails that we have previously show you how to make. You can use also a simple manicure so it is up to you. See: Gradient Nails Tutorial!
2. After you have applied the base and let it dry, take feather with feather, fix them correctly one by one to each nail and apply the top coat over so the feathers will stick to the nails.
3. Wait for the polish to dry and with the scissors cut the excess feather down. If you will you need more polish for fixation apply another layer of top coat over and you are done.

Feather Nails - DIY Tutorial This manicure will last a few days depending on what activities you are doing, so for enjoying them for a longer period of time avoid activities that imply working with sharp objects. See also: Peacock Nail Art Design – Tutorial.

Keep being AllDayChic!

Photo courtesy: ane_li.

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