Fat Freezing For Arms: Is It Effective?

At various times in your life you may find yourself wanting to change something about yourself. Perhaps you want to lose weight or you want to be more muscular or more toned. Some people might want to be taller but unfortunately there is no available treatment for that yet. Toning and reducing fat however is possible, and without surgery.

What is fat freezing?

Fat freezing, also known as cryolipolysis, is a technique to reduce fat cells in the body with a non-invasive procedure. This is a way to lose fat not weight it should be noted.

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How does fat freezing work?

The procedure for fat freezing is fairly simple as far as the patient is concerned. You would first have a consultation with a practitioner and have all your questions answered. They would then recommend a course of action. They should also talk to you about exercise and diet as this is important for the procedure to be effective in the long term.

When you are ready for the procedure the practitioner will use a vacuum applicator along with a gel to cool your skin. This applicator gives the patient a cold sensation not unlike anesthetic. The temperature lowers until the fat cells under the surface are frozen. The skin and tissues remain unharmed and the organs in the body untouched. Only the fat cells are affected due to their vulnerability to cold.

Once the fat cells are frozen they will then die off and the body starts to metabolize and eliminate them. Over time the body will flush this fat out of its system leaving a more toned, improved appearance.

Would it be effective for arm fat?

With this technique you could literally freeze fat off your arms. That is to say you could reduce the amount of fat cells in your arms. Indeed you can use this procedure in many areas of the body. It is effective at reducing fat in the abdomen, buttocks, chin, thighs, hips, legs and arms.

It is said that 3 in 4 women are unhappy with their upper arms and fat freezing is an effective way to reduce the fat cells here without resorting to unnecessary and risky surgery.

The effectiveness may depend on your body type and weight but generally there is a reduction of 20-25% with cryolipolysis or fat freezing. This non-invasive procedure is approved by the FDA and is therefore trusted and proven.

Who is suitable for this procedure?

Many people would be suitable for fat freezing. Ideally you would be within around 15 pounds of your perfect weight beforehand. This is not a weight loss program but a way to improve the appearance of the body so that should be kept in mind.

Is there anyone who is not suitable for this treatment?

Anyone carrying loose skin or has poor skin tone may not be suitable. Cold conditions can be exacerbated by the procedure too so anyone with cold urticaria for instance should look at other fat removal options.

What over body areas can fat freezing help?

As mentioned above, fat freezing can be used in many areas. It is effective at removing stubborn fat deposits on the abdomen and improving the appearance of cellulite making it good for legs and arms. It can also help to remove the extra roll of fat that many have under their buttocks. This roll of fat or ‘banana roll’ is very common and fat freezing can help reduce and remove the fat from the buttocks and thigh area.

Is fat freezing permanent or will you need multiple sessions?

The procedure itself is permanent. In many people who want to remove a small problem area there may only be the need for one session. If you were treating your ‘bingo wings’ or upper arms they may count as two areas so that would be a longer session. The thing to remember is that although the effects are permanent if you eat a high fat diet then the body will need to store that extra fat somewhere else. This means that even though your arms appear thinner the fat is going to be put somewhere else instead.

Is there a recovery time for this procedure?

Fat freezing is a non-invasive procedure. This means that the skin is not broken, the body cavity is not breached or any natural orifice. With no drugs, anesthetic or scalpels involved it means there is no trauma or recovery time.

After the procedure you would be able to go about your day as if nothing had happened. You may feel a slight soreness at first but this is minor and will normally pass very quickly. There is no reason why after you have had the treatment you cannot immediately resume your normal activities such as exercise or sports.

The only thing that does take time is the results. It can take a couple of months for the full results to show and this leaves some people feeling that the procedure hasn’t worked. Patience is a virtue though and there are many reports of patients suddenly realising clothes that were tight before are suddenly becoming looser. It is important to wait before you decide to have a second treatment too.

It is recommended that before you have the same area treated you should wait a minimum of 1 month and possibly up to four. This makes sense as one of the things that could occur is that you would be paying to freeze the same cells that have already been treated. Your body needs time to adjust and eliminate those fat cells.


Upper arms can be effectively treated with fat freezing and the overall appearance improved. It helps to keep eating healthily and exercising after the procedure to make sure you don’t build up other problem areas. If you are going ahead with fat freezing look for local reputable clinics and think of all the questions you want answering. a good practitioner will be happy to put you at ease and answer everything you need to know before you start your treatment.

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