Fast Hair Growing Trick Using Onions


Nature has so many miraculous things to offer us and onions are one of them. You have tried so many hair growing products and they didn’t work, you have spent large amounts of money on them hoping you will got results but they didn’t appear. Forget about all of this and look into the kitchen and find miraculous and simple ways to grow your hair faster like with using onions. Most women want a beautiful long hair and most of them don’t know how to grow it faster or never get to have it as they would like it.

Why are onions good? They are rich in sulfur which is boosting collagen that is very important in hair growth. So as often you use this, the more beneficial it is and in one month you can already see amazing results!

What you will need:

– 2 to 4 red onions (depending on your hair length);
– a grater;
– shampoo;
– conditioner.

1. Take the onions (if you already have longer hair, use more), grate them and separate the juice from the pulp. Try to separate the juice for the pulp well because you don’t onion slices in your hair that you can’t get out.

2. Use the juice directly on your scalp, massage it in and leave it on for at least 15 to 20 minutes. For best effect, leave it on for one hour.

3. Wash your hair the regular way using shampoo and conditioner and don’t worry about the smell, your hair won’t smell like onions at all.

You can use this procedure twice a month or once a week for quicker results!

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  1. Hi am of an african origin could these do wonders to an african because i badly want my hair to be as long as i can’t even say. Plz do reply

  2. Hi, I’ve been using it since july. I started with already long hair, so it’s hard to say if the hair grow noticably faster but for sure it will help with thinning problem (or at least I see a lot of small hair growing on my head :)). The only problem is that the smell of onion lingers. It’s more noticable with wet hair and it stays for three or four days (even though I wash my hair everyday). It’s not really strong, someone would have to sniff your hair to sense it.

  3. how long did it take you to get those results? omg there amazing! defiantly giving this a try.. i hear adding garlic will also help?

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