Fast Hair Curling Technique

Tired of spending too much time in front of the mirror trying to do something to your hair? Follow this simple technique to get curls in less than 5 minutes. Women are always in a rush, either for work, or meeting friends, it seems that they rarely can be ready on time and they always want to look their best. Finding ways for optimizing the time spent in preparing is crucial if you want to look gorgeous even with a few minutes of getting ready. For this look you will only need a hair curler, a hair elastic and some hair spray (optional, but useful if you want your curls to last longer).

How to curl your hair fast: let your curling iron to heat to the right temperature and meanwhile gather your hair in the top of your head in a ponytail by securing it with an elastic. Place the hair in front of the face and start taking strands of it and curl one by one. Do this until you curl all strands from the ponytail and then spray with hairspray. Remove the elastic from the hair and finger comb it to make it look natural.


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