Fashionable Crochet Scarf – DIY

Incredible Hoock Knitted Scarf - DIY

When in doubt, wear a scarf! This is the advice we would like to share to you today. Try to add to your wardrobe some interesting funny as over-elegant scarves that can be adapted to all sorts of outfits with popping them out of the ordinary. That is why, cold or warm season outside, you should use your spare time to create something special for those dull clothes you don’t manage to wear. See the directions and the pictures below to find the procedure of making this fashionable scarf.

You will need:
– knitting & patience skills;
– acrylic yarn more than 225 m/50g in different colors;
– 2.5 mm hook;
– a line cm wide and 15 cm long ( as width the line is, as tight your scarf will be);
– a cardboard which you will perforate to make holes in the center of it.

Directions: Make a long chain out of the yellow yarn. For approximately 400 “stitches” you will get a 170 cm long scarf. When you finished with the chain, put the hook through a chain link, grab the thread, pull the “nose” of the chain and come back in line with the hook. Gently, pull up the thread. Do the same until the chain is ended keeping in mind that the chain should not be twisted. Finish the line and shift from the loop. If you got it until here, repeat the steps with the yellow yarn. When done, put the chains aside with the loops face-to-face. Now you can start braiding with the hook: Take 5 green loops and pull through them 5 yellow loops, and through these pull 5 green loops, and so on, until you get to the end of the chain. The result is a green and yellow braid. When you get here use the purple yarn, tie it to one chain end, and start “typing” on the loop lines through every link of that chain until the end of it. Now make a new braid, and tie it to the old one, using these purple loops. In the end take care of the ends of your scarf, attach to it some pompoms or tassels.
Your colorful scarf will look amazing! If you want it to be more elegant, you should try a number of shades of the same color and see what it can turn in. Enjoy!

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Incredible Hoock Knitted Scarf - DIY (2)

Photo courtesy: lanasstop.

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    1. good day, I just wanted to enquire what thickness of wool did you use, I first used double knit wool but it was to thick I then used 4ply it worked better but I still dont get the “streched” effect where you combine the chain to start a new loop

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