Fake Lashes Makeup Tutorial for Big Eyes

Fake Lashes Makeup Tutorial for Big Eyes

For all of you who consider they have small eyes, we have a makeup tutorial on how to make enormous looking eyes with the help of a few tricks and fake lashes. The difference between an eye that is made and one that is not is enormous, so take a look, get inspired and we hope this will be useful for you. Easily create a princess like look with this tutorial.

What you will need:
– fake lashes;
– lashes adhesive;
– dark eye shadows;
– black eye pencil;
– liquid eye liner;
– reddish eye pencil;
– white eye pencil;
– mascara;

1. Take the dark eyeshadow and draw a small line along the lash line with it, then take the liquid eyeliner and line as close as you can to the lash line and also a little on the lower lash line as you can see in the picture. Put a small amount of eyeshadow on the eyelid to on the outer corners.
2. Add some reddish color to the bottom and waterline your eye with white pencil.
3. Add the false lashes and draw a line with dark eyeshadow on the top of your eyes, where your bone starts, this will create a double eyelid effect.
4. Use mascara and your eyes are ready to rock!

Fake Lashes Makeup Tutorial for Big Eyes

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  1. It’s amazing!! I must try that!! I was only using classical ways to make my eyes bigger – lifting gels for eyelids, Cherish Lash enhancer for my lashes, and they have a good mascara as well… But I want to try this ultra-modern method as well! :))

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