Eyebrows Shaping Technique

Probably you have seen a lot of eyebrows shaping tutorials that work amazing and we agree with that, there are many ways you can shape your eyebrows to reach awesome results. If you have uneven brows or you are just not satisfied with how they look, get inspired by our article and make them perfect. A makeup looks so different with a shaped or not shaped eyebrow so for the best beauty effect follow this step by step tutorial.

Eyebrows Shaping Technique

What you will need:
– eyebrows pencil of the color that suits you;
– eyebrows brush;
– small angled brush and several small brushes;
– a light concealer.

1. You will start by shaping the eyebrows and first make the form from below the eyebrow.
2. Continue shaping the top of the brow.
3. Fill in the brow with the pencil.
4. Use the brush to brush and spread the makeup.
5. With the small angled brush blend the inner corner of the brow.
6. Work on the upper shape.
7. Make the arch again, be sure it is the right one for you.
8. Use a different pencil to blend and spread the makeup more on the brow.
9. Take some light concealer on a brush and line under the brow.
10. Line on the upper outside corner and your brows should be perfect by now!

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