Epic Make-up Fails (3)

We all love to look pretty and groomed and for most of us, make-up makes part of our daily rituals. Make-up makes us feel more feminine and more confident, you think these girls have confidence? Chasing for perfection and lacking of self contentment, some girls might take it to the extreme. And when we write that, we mean it. Too much foundation, cartoon eyebrows, fake lashes, and fake tan are only some of the tricks girls misuse to try and look gorgeous. Instead of having a common sense, these girls epically failed thinking that overdoing everything is a win, in fact, all they did was losing and standing out in a negative way. These types of girls are rare, but they still exist, so you can see below a few examples on how not to look. Some of these girls would look more pretty without all that mess on their faces and they unfortunately don’t realize that sometimes less is more.

Epic Make-up Fails
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