Encyclopedia of Women’s Shoes – Visual Shoe Dictionary

encyclopedia of woman's shoes or visual shoe dictionary

Every girl knows that sometimes when you can not afford diamonds, “shoes are a girl’s best friend”, or that if you need a new start in life, all you might need is a new pair of shoes. You might find this funny, but there are a lot of girls that have a special relationship with their shoes, and find in them some kind of comfort, some of them because they think they look taller, others because they think with a high heel their legs look a lot better.

For each  and every one of you that are frequenting our site, not only the ones mentioned above, we bring to your attention, this Encyclopedia of women’s shoes. You can find a generous variety of shoe types, that are meant to improve your knowledge concerning this subject. All girls know how helpful this encyclopedia can get in any shopping session.

We hope you will enjoy this, and if you think that something is missing, please, let us know!

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  1. I have low feet arches and so can’t wear heels. I’m looking for something low heeled but also sexy and trendy. Can you please post me some pics of shoes

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