Elegant Braiding Hairstyle With Curls – DIY

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a beautiful hairstyle that will turn around all the heads? If you love braiding like we do, you will love this hairstyle. It goes perfectly for special events and you and your friends will love it. You will need: bobby pins, hair spray, a few hair elastics. The directions below will help you create the beautiful hairstyle, but you can also follow the images.


1. Split your hair like in the picture and in the middle of your head catch the hair in a small bun.

2. Do a crown twist braid with the hair that is left around of your head, using the French braid procedure.

3. Undo the bun you have made before and divide the hair into 4 small ponytails.

4. Now, play with the hair and create some loops and with the help of some clips give the final touches to the hairstyle.

5. Try to hide the ends of the hair under the braided area and for a better fix use bobby pins and some hair spray.

6. You can beautify the look with a few flowers or pearl clips like in the picture. It is really up to your choice and have in mind what are you gonna wear to do a greater combination.


Elegant Braiding Hairstyle With Curls - DIY

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  1. What kind of level would you consider this Easy, Medium, OR Hard and how long does it take to do this hairstyle??? Please and thank you.

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