Elegant and Easy Updo Hairstyle Tutorial

We think all women that doesn’t go to a hair salon to get a hairstyle would love to know how to make one that looks complicated, has a great impact when seen and it is still easy to make. This tutorial is that type of hairstyle you want to make and look like you paid a lot for it. It can be done on medium and long hair and even on shorter ones that still can be pinned with bobby pins.

What you will need:

– hair elastic;
– lots of bobby pins;
– hairspray.


1. Brush your hair and gather it in a low ponytail, you can leave a few hair strands in the front for a more romantic look.

2. Give a little height to the hair on the top of your head by loosening the ponytail.

3. Start taking small strands of hair from the ponytail, twist and roll them, then fix them with bobby pins. Add hairspray whenever needed.

4. Repeat this until you don’t have any hair strand left and everything is pinned nicely. Add lots of hairspray so you can be sure that the hairstyle remains as you made it and you are ready to go!

Elegant and Easy Updo Hairstyle Tutorial

Photo courtesy: deblog.

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