Eggs taste differently depending on how much time you boil them and not only, from how cool are they when you put them into the water. Everybody has different tastes and like the eggs boiled differently and if you never get them right as you would want, follow this guide to see how you can forget the stress of not knowing how to get your eggs right.

Another difference and important factor is if you put them into water that is already boiling or not, that means that if you have enough patience to put the eggs in boiling water you will get them right and the times from this guide are exact. You can see in the guide that from two to two minutes the eggs are changing aspect and hardening and don’t forget to have a timer with you if you are a soft egg lover so you won’t forget them in the water more.

To boil eggs all you have to do is to take a pan, put some water in and put it on the stove, let the water boil, insert the eggs, leave them for the desired time and consistency then remove and put them into cold water for them to be consumed quicker. You can refrigerate them for up to one week if you want to consume them later.


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