Easy Zebra Striped Manicure – DIY

When we think of animal print, the first pattern that comes in our mind is the leopard print and probably it is the most used one when it comes to clothing, nails and even food (especially cakes). But, there are also other animal prints which are probably not so popular, but absolutely beautiful, like the zebra print. Todays inspiration for a manicure are zebra stripes, which look quite cool and interesting, rather than too normal. Stay with us to see how easily you can make them.

Easy Zebra Striped Manicure - DIY

What you will need:
– black and white nail polish;
– a thin polish brush (for the lines);
– top coat (optional).

1. Paint all of your nails in white and let the polish dry very well before you do anything else. Apply as mani nail polish layers as you wish and think it is necessary.
2. If your black polish already has a thin brush that came with the recipient, that is great, if not, use another one, insert it into the color and start making small stripes on the nails.
3. Start with the base of the nail, by doing a stripe on one half, then go up and do a stripe on the other half, go up and do stripes, again on the other half, until you reach the top of the nail. Repeat this for all of your nails.
4. Let the stripes dry and optionally finish the manicure with some top coat.

Photo courtesy: bridgetofthenorth.

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