Easy Way to Make Amazing Christmas Tree Balls – DIY

Easy Way to Make Amazing Christmas Tree Balls - DIY

Christmas is almost here, and we have to decorate the entire house so that we can feel all of the Christmas spirit. It is not necessary that we as adults believe in Santa, but we should be careful that the children never lose their hope in him. Therefore what better reason to decorate the Christmas tree with your children, than the fact that Santa has to leave all the gifts under the most beautiful Christmas tree ever! This technique is as simple and fun as possible, and suitable for children of any age, as long as an adult is showing the child how he should work.

You will need:
– old Christmas tree balls;
– paint (in our case we choose white to simulate snow, but you can use whatever other color you like).

Directions: Paint the palm of the child, after that hold his hand into yours, and put the ball into his while you gently press with all fingers so that his hand is printed on the ball. After you remove the area, let the paint dry somewhere safe. You can get creative and start painting every finger differently, or even write a wish or a date to mark something special. Have fun!

Photo courtesy: bebes2.

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