Easy to Make Envelope Wrap Skirt – DIY

Skirts are very feminine and no matter what event you are going to, you will always look good in a skirt. If you have some sewing skills you will adore this tutorial as it involves using a sewing machine and some creativity. This tutorial is easy to make and you will be able to wear this chic skirt on a daily basis, it is comfortable and looks good on every body type. If you don’t own a sewing machine you can try and sew by hand, but it will take a longer time to complete the tutorial.

Easy to Make Envelope Wrap Skirt - DIY

What you will need:
– fabric for the skirt (of your own choice, no specific requirements);
– sewing machine or sewing kit;
– thread and needle;
– scissors;
– zipper;
– one linear and snaps;
– some needles pins.

1. Measure your waist and cut out a rectangle shape out from the fabric.
2. Pin the fabric where you will create the hem line then with the help of the sewing machine or your hands sew them.
3. Make the wrap and see where you will put the zippers as you can see in the pictures.
4. Sew the zipper on the skirt then sew in some part of the material to make the skirt fit very well on you.
5. Don’t forget to sew the snaps on for a better hold and your beautiful skirt is ready to be worn. You can be proud of the work you have done.

Easy to Make Envelope Wrap Skirt - DIY (2)

Photo courtesy: swellmayde.

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  1. The zipper is just sewn on top of the left side of the skirt? No turning under? No hiding the zipper tape?
    It’s hard for me to see in these photos. Interesting. I might need to try this.

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