Easy Step By Step Updo – DIY Hairstyle

Remember the days when you were in a rush and wanted to do something quick to your hair that looks nice? Probably you just tied the hair in a ponytail or made an interesting bun. If you are tired of the hairstyles you know and you think trying out one more is the best idea for you, stick with us as we will show you how to make an easy and quick updo that will look gorgeous. Women who have medium to long hair can try out this tutorial and make it look like they have just gotten out from the hairstylist.


What you will need:
– several bobby pins and hair clips;
– hairspray.

1. Comb your hair and separate it in several sections as follows: two small ones in the front (2 hair strands as thick as your finger) and a big one in the back.
2. Take the strands and make a double, maybe triple knot out of them in the back of your head.
3. Secure the knots with some bobby pins, use as many as you wish, you want to feel your hairstyle will last long.
4. Starting from the bottom, roll all of your left hair into a cylinder or something like a bun and secure with some hair clips and bobby pins.
5. Use hairspray as you wish and where you think your hair needs it.

Photo courtesy: pinterest.

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