Easter Baskets – DIY

Easter Baskets Today, we invite you along with Olga Kachurovskii to make Easter baskets for the safely depositing Easter eggs and also solve the problem of gift wrapping for the upcoming holiday. Olga, as always, prepared several variations of the baskets. And, of course, not without cutting schemes for newcomers. Hopefully, the knives (office or layout) and the beautiful paper are ready? Then let’s get started!

You will need:
– knife;
– coled paper;
– a tool for scoring;
– glue;
– various elements and accessories for decorating the baskets: ribbons, dies, ink pads, punches.

Directions: We will attach a template for cutting out the Easter baskets, this way you can print it and make it easier to create the basket. Easter baskets (templates).

Therefore, print out the templates directly on the colored paper you wish to work with, and cut out the baskets. Just remember that you should first cut out the pattern, and then start the circuit cutting. Immediately fold the blanks. Note that in this case you fold also the lateral wings although the dashed lines in these locations in the diagrams are absent. Make sure the mark-up is removed for aesthetic reasons, not to spoil the appearance of the basket.

Spend the same fold line just – you just have to connect the appropriate corners of the side flaps. For convenience, you can cut the valves themselves not before, but after scoring (as pictured). Although, in general, creasing the side walls is not required, you can do well without it. Also prepare a stand for the eggs. The hole in the stand should be around 25 mm, and you can use a punch circle knife of the same size for it.

The next step is to glue the basket, then insert the stand into the eggs. Until now, your Easter basket is almost ready. Fasten the handles with decorative clothespin. This can be done in other ways, for example using ribbons … Easter baskets without carved pattern can be decorated by drawing motifs on it …

In general, any basket can be made full playing with your imagination! Instead of using the egg stand inside the baskets, you can use corrugated paper straws. On one of the photos you can see a special installer eyelets, but its presence is not necessary. Blocks can be fixed with the help of available tools – screwdriver and a hammer. Put blocks in the usual punch hole, then insert a screwdriver into the end blocks (as pictured) and beat with a hammer.

Flap to secure them with a hammer without the aid of a screwdriver. Of course, the result is a little different from the slug as if installed with a special tool. But in general, it turns out quite acceptable. And this is a Easter basket already-made – with blocks and with a ribbon, and even with a butterfly. Carved beauties, and the whole collection of Easter baskets.

Easter Baskets - DIY

Photo courtesy: kartonkino.

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