Dyed Minion Easter Eggs – DIY

There is no big secret that the Minion mania took off massively, kids and adults of all ages adore them. The newest movie with them came out this year and had the same big success as the previous one. If you adore these little creatures and find them lovely try out our dyed Minion Easter eggs tutorial.

We are sure you got bored of classic ways to dye your eggs so it’s the perfect time for you to try out something new and creative. If you have kids they will love this and you can involve them in the making process. Guests who come around will definitely have a laugh and enjoy your style and creativity.

What you will need:

– yellow egg paint or any non-toxic paint;
– black egg paint or any non-toxic paint;
– light blue egg paint or any non-toxic paint;
– some googly eyes;
– non-toxic glue (so you can still eat the eggs);
– a small thin paint brush and a thicker one;
– different kitchen utensils.


1. First thing you will have to do is of course, boil the eggs in water, let them cool down and clean them to be sure they will be ready for the paint. You can use a cotton cloth with some vinegar to wipe and clean them.

2. Prepare the egg paint according to the instructions from the packaging or prepare any other type of paint you have.

3. Paint half of each egg with blue color and let the paint dry. It is very useful here if you have some empty egg cartons where you can place the painted eggs while they dry.

4. Continue with painting the other half with yellow and again let the paint dry, it is just much easier to work this way, you make sure the paint is not getting transferred anywhere.

5.Take the googly eyes and stick them to the eggs on the yellow area with the help of the glue. If you don’t have googly eyes available, just use an additional white non toxic paint and try to recreate the shape of them as you can see in the pictures.

6. Paint the face and the details around the eyes with the thin brush.

7. Get your Easter basket ready and place your minions in it.

If don’t have non-toxic paint at home, it is fine, you can use other types of paint also as long as you won’t eat the eggs and keep them just as decorations. Have fun!

Dyed Minion Easter Eggs - DIY

Photo courtesy: apumpkinandaprincess.

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