How to Dress Comfortably for Traveling

Traveling and spending a vacation elsewhere often conjure up images of yourself wearing chic new outfits. You know you have to look your best, especially if you’re the kind who loves to post pictures on Instagram.

However, those chic looks should also be coupled with comfort. It doesn’t matter what you do on our trip. You have to feel comfortable as much as possible otherwise, you run the risk of experiencing too much stress on your trip. Below are some tips to help you get dressed as you prove that style, comfort, and functionality can coexist in one outfit while on travel.

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1. Prioritize The Right Underwear

If your outer clothes feel uncomfortable, you can just look for the nearest restroom or go back to your car to change. However, privacy is not always available if you’re traveling somewhere else. No matter how uncomfortable you are in those undies, you know you have to wait until you get to your hotel room to change it.

Therefore, you have to pack the right underwear for your trip that not only offers a quick wash-up quality. Moreover, travel underwear not only needs to be practical, washable, and light. It also needs to possess odor retention capability, along with breathability. These qualities ensure comfort whether you plan to go road tripping, jet-skiing, mountain climbing, or attend out of town business meetings.

2. Observe Color Coordination

Packing clothes that have coordinating colors will make it easy for you to mix and match them together. This way, you don’t have to be looking for a new set of outfits each time you go out while still on a trip. Pack clothes with matching colors so you can have multiple outfits without the need to pack heavily.

Do not forget to consider the weather in the country where you will be heading. Choose charcoal, white, navy, and black colored clothes if you are traveling to an urban destination.

Clothes with bright hues will be ideal if you are looking to spend more time at the beach. See to it that the clothes you pack can be worn two or three times on different occasions. This way, you do not have to find yourself packing too many clothes.

3. Opt for Exercise Clothes

Exercise gears these days have become more versatile. The rise of athleisure items of clothing has led travelers to love wearing them even when not in the gym. These clothes are too comfortable to wear. They are also mostly lightweight and won’t take up much space in your luggage.

Women should not forget about compression leggings. A coat, along with a cotton top is also another must-have. Men must pack track pants, track jackets, and a hoodie.

4. Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Accessories such as costume jewelry, statement earrings, and cocktail rings can do wonders in changing the look of your outfit. Women should pack their makeup in a pouch that can also serve as an evening bag. Men must pack bright-colored socks that have fun patterns. These printed socks can greatly add personality into their simple or classic outfit of the day.

5. Pack a Flexible Outfit

A flexible outfit that you can wear during a formal event or a casual dinner is another must-have in your travel luggage. This is important especially if you are out for a business trip. Forget about party dresses that can’t be worn on any other day.

Opt for a more versatile and flexible outfit that does not take up much space in your luggage. Good examples would be a slip dress and black heels. Men can just bring black slack, a white shirt, and a multipurpose blazer.

6. Bring Comfortable Shoes

The three best options for shoes to pack when traveling are loafers, low boots, and heeled sandals. This footwear provides versatility which means you can wear them on more than two occasions during your trip. These kinds of footwear eliminate the need to bring more shoes.

It is best to avoid packing more than three shoes as this will only make your luggage heavier than necessary. You can also opt for sneakers or sandals that are designed to be folded so it would take up less space in your bag.

7. Choose Neutral Colored Scarves

Scarves can come in handy in many travel situations. These scarves not only serve to add a touch of style to your everyday outfit. You can also use these scarves for wrapping your shoulders in case it gets cold inside a restaurant or in public transportation. Another option is to use them as your neck pillow while on a trip. You can also have these to add style to your travel bag or to make it easy for you to identify your luggage at the airport.

8. Layer Your Coat or Sweater

A sweater or coat is a must-have when you’re traveling to a colder destination. Just put these on when at the airport if you opt to bring the ones that are quite heavy or thick. Wearing them will prevent your bags from becoming bulky and heavy.

You may be sweating at the airport but these can also be used as a blanket when the temperature inside the plane gets colder. Always opt for classic and neutral-colored coats or sweaters. This way, you won’t have to find yourself having difficulty pairing them with your other outfits.

9. Remember the Travel Outfit Staple 

Frequent travelers know that a travel outfit staple helps packing a less daunting task. You just have to bring your jeans and a good pair of flats or loafers. You can wear any time of the day and wherever you may go on your trip. You can wear them while in a restaurant, in a park or about to go to an informal event.

So, prepare your most comfortable jeans, shirt, and shoes and you won’t have to worry about what to wear on ordinary days during your trip.

Now you’re ready to tackle almost any travel outfits. These should meet your desire to wear functional, stylish, and comfy clothes throughout your travel. Make sure that each piece you have in your travel bag can be recreated several times so you can still pack light.

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