Double Sided Manicure – DIY

Tired of traditional ways to do your nails? Do you want something more creative that will gather the attention of more people? Try out this double sided manicure, which is also called Louboutin manicure because of the colors used for it and the association with the black shoes. Of course, you can do this with other colors too and it depends only on you if you want to try it with black and red, the technique remains the same.

Double Sided Manicure - DIY

What you will need:
– black and red nail polish;
– tape.

Directions: Take the tape and cut small pieces of it, long enough for securing your nails like you can see in the pictures. Start with left hand and secure all your nails. Apply red nail polish to the interior side (it is important to start with the inside part because when you apply polish it might also leak on the outside part). Let it dry a little bit and do the same for the other hand. After you have finished start applying the black polish to your nails and let everything to dry. Remove the tapes and enjoy your beautiful nails!

Photo courtesy: wackylaki.

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