Double Crown Braid With Doughnut Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

Buns and braids are very popular among women who want to look pretty at any occasion. Those who want to go more for an elegant look, they pick buns, and the ones who want to go for a more youthful look they pick the braids. Combined together, they really make an awesome hairstyle choice. This specific one is quite hard to make by yourself for yourself, so it is best when you make it on someone or either they learn it and make it on you.


What you will need:
– doughnut for the bun (or a doughnut made from a sock);
– rat tail comb;
– hair brush;
– rubber bands;
– a few bobby pins;
– hair band;
– hair clips;
– some styling products of your choice.

1. First thing you have to do is to separate the upper circle of your hair from the bottom one and tie it up.
2. Start with the braiding from the back, adding hair to the braid only from the bottom part, no hair from the upper part.
3. Go all the way around and when you reach the point where you have started just secure the end and tuck it into the french braid.
4. Now, unclip the hair and separate another circle from it, leaving a small section of hair in the top and make a ponytail from it.
5. Take the doughnut and insert the ponytail in the middle of it so you can make a bun.
6. Take another small section of hair from the ponytail and with the rest cover the doughnut, you will use that hair for braiding.
7. Start braiding again from the bottom side, but this time you use the hair from the circle and you will add strands from the one in the top.
8. Go all the way around then tuck the loose braid into the french braid and use some bobby pins to secure it.
9. In the end use some hairspray, be happy that you have just made an awesome hairstyle and if you need more instructions, watch the video from below!

How To Make A Double Crown Braid with a Doughnut Bun

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