Do’s and Don’ts of Beautiful Eyebrows


When it comes to the perfect eyebrow shape, people have different opinions. But we all know that natural is the way to go. As natural and rich they look, the better. If from nature you are not very gifted with thick eyebrows, there are several tips you can do in order to recreate a healthy look (with make-up), but beware of the bad examples. If you don’t want to go to a professional salon you can recreate a healthy and young look at your home by just being aware of not making them too thin.

It is also true the fact that in most of cases what goes well and fits a certain face shape it doesn’t work for the other face shape so you will have to take in consideration the size of your face, distance between your brows and your eyes, size of your lips and of course style preferences. Another thing to remember in order to avoid thin eyebrows is that, in most cases they are not perfect, so you might have to think twice before trying too hard to create the symmetry, you might over pluck them.

Remember, eyebrow shaping is incredibly important, take the no’s from the picture above as a bad example!

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