7 Must-Have Accessories for Your Dorm Room

As usual, dorm rooms don’t impress learners with a variety of accessories and great interior solutions. If you’re a freshman who wants to discover how to improve your life living in a dorm, look no further. 

This post gathers the top seven must-have accessories for your dorm room. Also, you’ll discover how to be a good learner and enjoy your student’s life.

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1. Plastic Drawers

First-year college students always move into dorms with a large number of clothes and things. Even though they don’t need most things, it’s not the reason to waste them. Also, students get a lot of textbooks that also should be stored. 

Don’t expect your dorm to be equipped with a big wardrobe and a large number of drawers. Also, you might need to share the available storage space with your roommate. To resolve the issue, you can purchase a lot of storage boxes. However, it’s not convenient to utilize them every day. If the boxes are made of cardboard, they won’t last long. 

The best solution that will make your living in a dorm comfier is to buy plastic drawers. They are lightweight and come in different designs. Secondly, they are water-proof and easy to clean so that if you spill some coffee on a plastic drawer, there is nothing to worry about. 

Thirdly, it’s easy to combine them as you need. Feel free to build a set of 10 plastic drawers in a room’s corner or place some drawers under your bed.

2. Power Strip

Most dorm rooms weren’t designed, taking into account the growing number of electronics. However, these days, an average student has a lot of gadgets that should be charged. Also, they bring some appliances into their rooms that also should be plugged. 

Moreover, in some cases, sockets are located inconveniently to use them. Thereupon, if you purchase a good power strip, you won’t go wrong. Feel free to buy a power strip with a long cord to hide it behind the furniture. Also, it should imply a power button and USB ports. 

The power button will help you unplug all your devices quickly for safety. A large number of USB ports will erase the ability to use charging bricks for your devices.

3. Coffee Maker

Coffee courses through the veins of most students. Learners consume a lot of coffee as it brings energy. Due to an overloaded schedule and a large amount of homework, students have short naps instead of a healthy night’s sleep.

A coffee maker in your room will become a life-saver if you have to complete an assignment and have only one night until the past due.

Otherwise, if you don’t want to compromise on a healthy night’s sleep, ask your roommate, “Hey, can you help me with my math homework?”. In case your friend doesn’t know a reliable assignment writing service, explore users’ reviews on the Internet. 

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4. Desk Lamp

Even though it is the 21st century now, students still have to do assignments sitting behind their desks. To not worsen your vision, you have to purchase a desk lamp that will pour light on papers on a table or your keyboard. 

There are a lot of desk lamps with extra features available on the market. For instance, you can purchase a lamp with a USB port to charge your smartphone conveniently. Also, you can buy a desk lamp with an organizer to store all your supplies. 

5. Tabletop Ironing Board

It’s vital to look good, attending lectures at college. Therefore, you will need to always iron your clothes after laundering them. It’s not convenient to use a shared ironing board or store a big one in a dorm room. Alternatively, you can iron your clothes on a mattress, which is also not practical. 

In case you want to iron your clothes fast and hassle-free, buy a tabletop ironing board. This simple accessory is easy to install and utilize. Also, you can simply hide it under your bed or hang in a closet. 

6. Air Freshener

A dorm room is a place where students prepare meals, eat, store dirty laundry, etc. All these don’t bring an enticing aroma, especially combined altogether. The best way to remove the odor quickly is to use an air freshener. Do not hesitate to purchase a few items with different flavors to live in a dorm more conveniently. 

7. Bulletin Board

Even though a lot of digital planners keep students notified, a pinboard is still the best way to stay organized. Feel free to get a bulletin board to put in on a wall about your desk. Attaching list-to-do on the board will never forget about crucial events, meetings, or tasks in your schedule. 

Also, it can be used for improving your dorm room’s interior. Feel free to pin photos and stickers to make your room look better.

Valuable Recommendation for Students

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