Learn to Do These 12 Mundane Things Right!

When you’ve got a habit, there is no right or wrong. But maybe, there are ways to do something better, right? Of course you know best, but a new way to do the same thing may be interesting, and you might also find that it is easier to do! So, give it a shot, try these simple mundane things in new ways, the easy twists might start appealing to you more!

1. The right way to gorge on Pizza (was there ever a right way?)
– take a slice and hold it from the crust-end;
– place your thumb on the centre of the rim, the pizza slice should ideally curve with the pressure;
– now place your index and little finger on either side of the end of the crust, with the middle two fingers supporting the base;
– your pizza slice, becomes ramrod straight, easy to eat, without any of the delicious droppings falling off!

The right way to gorge on Pizza

2. The right way to apply nail paint:
– start off with a squeaky clean nail;
– apply the base coat and let it dry;
– place a wee bit of the nail polish towards the base of the nail in the centre;
– carefully push the drop towards the cuticle, leaving just a small gap;
– now, move your brush upwards towards the nail-end, making a straight line;
– go back to the base of the nail and swipe the polish along the curve of the nail on either side of the straight line;
-for perfectionists, apply a second or a third coat.

The right way to apply nail paint

3. The right way to hold a wine glass:
Holding the ‘bowl’ of that wine glass as you swirl it around will only take the chill out of it and make it warmer! Unless you want a sizzling hot sip of wine, hold the glass from the stem. Looks delicate, elegant and keeps your wine at the temperature you’d love.

The right way to hold a wine glass

4. The right way to eat Tic-Tacs (yes, there is!):
– shake up the bottle to loosen up the Tic-Tacs;
– tilt it towards your hand;
– flip the case open;
– Voila, you’ll see a Tic-Tac mint cozily stuck to a crevice on the inside of the flap, which is made especially to trap one mint at a time!

The right way to eat Tic-Tacs

5. The right way to do a squat:
Are you worried that your thighs still look the same, even though you are panting and puffing away with the squats? Phew, all those hours of sweating out might do you no good, if you won’t do it the right way. When the instructor tells you to bend so that your thighs are parallel to the ground, listen to her, because that is the correct way to do it!

The right way to do a squat

6. The right way to approach a Cupcake:
– select cupcake;
– peel off wrapper;
– gently tear cake in half;
– turn cake bottom over and put it on top;
– eat it like a sandwich!

The right way to approach a Cupcake

7. The right way to wear Shure earphones:
Come on, stop complaining that the neighbourhood’s so noisy, you can’t even listen to your favourite songs, because chances are, you are wearing the earphones the wrong way! Shure earphones are built to be worn in a certain way. Plug the earphone in your ear, and tuck the wire behind your ear, like you would a lock of your silky hair. That’s it! Enjoy!

The right way to wear Shure earphones

8. The right way to close a chip bag without a clip (or magic!):
A few easy origami tricks up your sleeve and you can save some chips for that next pajama party.
Here’s how:
– get the bag;
– fold the corners of the open end and bring them in toward the centre so that the apex meets;
– now fold the straight end twice and also bring towards this apex;
– cleverly, push the folded corners out and…. ta da! Not one chip can feel the breeze!

The right way to close a chip bag without a clip

9. The right way to tie your shoelaces:
Whenever you tie those laces, be sure to have them tied in such a way that the bow rests horizontally. Else you run the risk of tripping over an untied shoelace and fall face flat, unless of course you want it to look like an accident to land perfectly into the arms of your Prince Charming!

The right way to tie your shoelaces

10. The right way to wash the blender:
Breakfast is all done and finished with, and those smoothies turned out really well. Now, to wash! But hey, here is one tip before you proceed to that sink; try putting a mug of water into the blender and turn it on. You didn’t realize it would be this easy and effective, right?

The right way to wash the blender

11. The right way to squeeze out toothpaste:
Struggling with that last bit of precious toothpaste still? You knew there was something amiss, and it’s this; stick a bobby pin onto the bottom of the tube and drag it up! Yeah go ahead and sue them, they never advertised this part!

The right way to squeeze out toothpaste

12. The right way to have a burger:
We have all made a mess sometime or the other with that burger, one mayonnaise laden lettuce leaf down your brand new T-shirt, or an entire beef patty stealthily sneaking out from the other end. Here is the instant fix to this embarrassment; hold the burger with both hands, with your thumb and little finger resting under the lower bun, and the two middle fingers on the top bun. Gives you a great grip, an awesome meal, and thankfully mess-free clothes!

The right way to have a burger

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