DIY String Chandeliers

There is nothing to beat the delicate charm of twine chandeliers when it comes to decorating your home! Whether to grace an outdoor setting or just a cozy nook at home, twine chandeliers define your subtle class in home fashion. But there is no need to look around in the market since these are super simple to make yourself! Let us see below how to create these dramatic balls of elegance inspired  Wednesday Inc.

You need:
– some balloons;
– glue;
– tray for glue;
– vaseline;
– yarn;
– 1/4 cup of warm water;
– 1/2 cup of corn starch;
– clear fast drying spray paint;
– hanging lamp cord or fishing line.

DIY String Chandeliers

Let’s get to work!
1. Inflate the balloon to a moderate size so as to have a round shape.
2. Make use of a sharpie to mark around the knot on the balloon.
3. Now, mix the ½ cup corn starch, glue and 1/4th cup warm water together so that it has a smooth texture.
4. Smear vaseline all over your balloon until it is totally coated. This is to ensure that the twine which is wet with glue won’t get pasted on the balloon after drying.
5. Dip the yarn in the glue mix and wrap it around the balloon vertically and then in a haphazard manner.
6. Finish by tucking the loose ends of the twine under one of the strings which has been wrapped.
7. Wait 24 hours before the balloon has fully dried.
8. Pop the balloon!
9. Now, coat your string chandeliers with clear fast drying spray paint.

You now have your very own dazzling chandelier that you can string around the house or your porch to give your abode a graceful and classy look!


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  1. Tami I’m not sure either so I bought mod podge glue from Michaels craft store. Cindy same way cut a hole out when it dries. I find crochet thread a better look for center pieces and baskets. FYI do them from hanging postion so the string won’t move when you are moving the ballon around to add the string. Good luck.

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