DIY – Eye Popping Nebula in a Bottle

DIY - Eye Popping Nebula in a Bottle

How about adding some colour and spunk to your room that is, quite literally, out of this world! Here is an awesome idea to pack an other-worldy punch to a dull décor. Let’s bottle up those eye popping colours of a nebula and wow our friends with it!

You will need:
– a transparent jar with a strong lid;
– water;
– cotton balls;
– glitter powder;
– a stirrer (could be a pencil, straw, stick anything);
– food colours or fabric dyes (Choice of colours is up to you, but nebulas have more of hot pinks, blues and greens, just saying!)

Going about it:
1. Clean out the jar.
2. Add water until less than half way in this jar.
3. Put one of the colours in this water and stir it up.
4. Now, add cotton balls, enough to soak up the entire water.
5. Shower some glitter powder in, and shake it up with the stirrer so that the glitter spreads.
6. Now, for the next layer of colour, first put a layer of the cotton balls.
7. In a separate container, make a solution of another colour and water.
8. Pour this up on the cotton layer in the jar.
9. Another glitter shower!
10. Go on in the same way, with different colours until you have reached the top.
11. Secure with the lid.

Place your sparkling nebula bottle in your table, window sill or in the drabbest of corners to bring them alive with colour and style!

Psst! Here is an awesome tip: You could do this project in miniscule glass bottles and hang the same from a chain to be worn as a necklace! Now that surely makes for street-chic fashion wear!

Keep being AllDayChic!

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