Because wreaths are cool to have around the house as decorations and the more creative they are, the better, we have come up with a cute diy project that involves making small flowers that you will attach to a wreath you already have in the house. If the wreath is simple, with no other things added to it, then it is perfect, if not, you could make it simple, then decorate it with the flowers you will make. In this tutorial you will see that the orange color is used for the flowers, but you can choose whatever color or colors you want.

DIY Flower Wreath

What you will need:
– wreath;
– hot glue;
– an old CD or a round object similar in size);
– colored felt;
– scissors.

1. Cut out a square of felt and put the CD over it then cut out the round shape.
2. You will keep cutting and this time you will make a spiral out of the felt as you can see in the pictures.
3. Starting from the middle, make the flowers out of the felt, just keep rolling them until you have a small rose.
4. Now, with the hot glue, glue the ends of the flower so it stays like this and it doesn’t fall apart.
5. Repeat the process for the next flowers until you feel you have enough to decorate your wreath.
6. With the hot glue attach the flowers to the wreath by creating a beautiful design. It is easier than it seems and we hope you will try it!

Photo courtesy: 7colorz.

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