DIY Feather Trimmed Skirt

Fashion can be dynamic and unpredictable but when it hits the streets one thing is for sure, the prices go up making everything else look affordable. But what if you could make that one item you crave the most and want to wear but cannot afford to. Take for instance this feathered skirt; it is easy to make as long as you have the basic main materials to do so. And it takes less time than you think don’t let the trimmed feathers fool you.

So, if you want it, you can start by getting a bodycon skirt that will definitely fit you and, at the same time, stretch well without going up your thighs every time you walk; 8 yard feather trim, scissors, a glue gun and glue sticks and pins. You should also try the bodycon skirt on to see how much excess feather trim you are going to leave as you glue it on the skirt, so that it does not tear up or look weird when the skirt stretches on your body.


After that you can measure the feather trim and start pinning immediately as you make the end cuts. You can use the pins to mark a straight line where you will glue the feather trims together with the bodycon skirt row after row. You will also notice that as you move upwards the bodycon skirt it gets hard to pin the feathers but you can always flip it and try to pin it on the other side working your way in rows while moving upwards, up to the stretchy waistband which you can leave without feathers.

The reason for leaving the waistband plain is so that you don’t look all feathered up and that your shirt or blouse can fall perfectly over it without bulging out thus giving the rest of the feathered part an attractive look. You can choose to pair it with anything you like after you are done.

However, you should note that the skirt is not washable because of the feathers and hot glue so be extra careful when having a drink at a party, you won’t want to ruin it immediately after all the effort you put into making it. Have fun!

Photo courtesy: lauralily.

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