What nail design can look more delicious than candy inspired nails? Probably none! There are so many ways you can bring candies to your nails and if you are on a diet at least you have the pleasure to watch the “candies” and don’t have to eat them. Probably the best suited periods for this type of nail design are holidays which bring so much fun and joy with them.

What you will need:

– some tape;
– dark pink and white nail polish;
– scissors.


1. Paint all of your nails in white and let the polish dry very well.

2. Take some tape and with the help of scissors cut out long, thin and small pieces in a triangle shape that you will stick to your nails.

3. Apply the tape to your nails exactly the same way as you can see in the picture, you want the thin part of the triangle to be sticked to one of the upper corners.

4. After you have finished applying enough tape to your nails, paint them all in the dark pink, basically painting over the tape.

5. Let the polish dry a little bit and remove the tapes.

6. Your candy nails will look awesome!

Photo courtesy: thenailasaurus.

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