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Jeweled shoes are one of many booming fashion items that haven’t lost their popularity after all these years. Here we have some examples of great projects on how to make your own DIY jeweled heels. The steps are easy, the materials needed aren’t difficult to find, and they almost look identical to those that are manufactured by topnotch fashion brands like Miu Miu or Lanvin.

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The DIY jeweled shoes are also perfect for formal occasions that require a bit more effort on your part when it comes to dressing up. Rather than a bland, boring pair of heels, the jeweled heels would be a pleasant twist to your outfit and a mesmerizing attention stealer.

The materials needed are also nowhere near rare or expensive. To begin, you’d need: the heeled shoes, multi-shaped rhinestones in different sizes, glue (ex. E-6000), tweezers, a small container, toothpick, flat nose pliers.

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If you’re feeling thrifty, you can even use some leftover rhinestones if you have any lying around. If you don’t, you can also get them in any art store. Then, with flat nose pliers, pry the prongs open to release the crystal rhinestones. You can skip this step if you’re using loose, flat back rhinestones. Next, squeeze some glue into a small dish or container. Pick up one of the larger rhinestones with the tweezers, dip the backside into the glue. Careful! You don’t want to drop it!

Finally, press the stone into the top of the center of the heel. Add several other large stones around the top, gradually working your way down to the middle of the heel with smaller stones. Go back and add small round stones in bare spots. There is no right or wrong way to creating the pattern – just make sure it’s neat and clean! Be creative and have fun!

Smaller rhinestones need the tiniest bit of glue. Use a toothpick to apply the glue and apply to the shoe and the back of the rhinestones. Ta-da now you’re done!

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