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Children’s fashion has rapidly grown the past decades, with even high-end designer brands releasing special couture collection for children. Whether you’re a proud parent or a relative, it’s almost impossible to deny the charm of such lovely wear.

Dior, one of the world’s most famous designer brands, certainly is not lagged behind when it comes to kids’ fashion as well. Although associated with posh outfits that seemingly uncomfortable when worn, Dior tries a different approach in its kids’ fashion collection.

Presented with extensive collections, parents will surely have a hard time deciding which one they like the best. The clothes aren’t merely stylish; they are also comfortable and suitable for any daily activities. Not limited to jackets and dresses, children are also pampered with jealousy-inducing bottoms, tops and even swimwear. The quality of the material used is, obviously, top-notched; coming from a prominent fashion brand.

Vivid coloring is also one of many charms of this collection, with bold colors such as red, blue, or black. Detailed and well-put accessories are present on some articles of clothing, but definitely not over the top and still safe for child’s use. Sleeveless formal dress in monochrome colors is one of my personal favorites, due to its simplicity. The bright pink flair dress is next on the list, thanks to its striking color. For young boys, one-tone jacket and top is the way to go. If you prefer something slightly more casual, a long-sleeve shirt or vest is also in the collection.

Spring and summer is definitely a colorful season, regardless of your age. Dior makes sure your children have the best outfit for the season; and also apt for the weather. Long-sleeved or sleeveless, Dior kids’ fashion collection for spring and summer 2013 is definitely pleasing to the eye and comfortable in the same time.


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baby-dior-spring-2013-8 Cool-pinstriped-jacket-at-Christian-Dior-for-boys-spring-2013-767x1024 Love-this-princess-merangue-tulle-layered-dress-at-Baby-Dior-for-girlswear-summer-2013-768x1024 Retro-50s-splash-print-on-this-Baby-Dior-summer-2013-girls-dress--768x1024 home-garcon-pe13 baby-dior-spring-2013-9 Easy-to-wear-perfect-special-occassion-dress-at-Baby-Diro-for-summer-2013-girlswear-768x1024 - Copy Spots-are-a-never-ending-theme-in-kids-fashion-even-at-the-top-brands-as-seen-here-at-Baby-Dior-for-summer-2013-766x1024 home-fille-pe-13 - Copy

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