Different Way to Line Your Eyes

Tired of the classic way of lining your eyes? Because summer is here you could go for something different, fresh and fun like this gradient winged liner tutorial. You can try it out when you have a little more time to play with your creativity and makeup. You won’t look classic and you won’t look dramatic either, just a little bit different and playful.

What you will need:

– paper;
– pencil;
– scissors;
– eyeliner in the color you want.


1. Take the paper and with the pencil start drawing small hearts on it like you can see in the picture.

2. With the scissors, cut on the model of the hearts and you want to use the part that is clean for the winged line.

3. Take the paper and be careful how you hold it (as close as you can to the eyelid) so you can fill it in with the eyeliner.

4. Make the eye line then you can remove the paper and voila, you have just made a gradient winged line to your eye.

5. Do the same for the other eye and apply whatever makeup you want over it or above it.

Different Way to Line Your Eyes

Photo courtesy: trocatrocafashion.

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