Different Styles Of False Lashes And How To Apply Them

The lashes market has grown a lot in the past few years, more and more women seem to want them and enjoy wearing them on a daily basis. Because of the high demand, lots of producers diversified their offers and models. If you are the type of person who likes lashes and would love to know how to apply them at home, you will enjoy this useful information. There are different types of lashes, as you can see in the pictures and in a previous article we have shown you “Best way to apply fake eyelashes”, but only the continuous, long ones. You will see here a chart of lashes and a tutorial on how to apply trio lashes which are smaller ones you have to apply to your eyes piece by piece. They look more natural on the eye.

Different Styles Of False Lashes And How To Apply Them

What you will need:
– trio lashes;
– tweezers;
– glue for the lashes.

Directions: Prepare your eyes and make your makeup the normal way you usually do, before applying the mascara you will want to add the lashes. Take the glue and squeeze a little from it on a plastic container. Take the tweezers and take a trio lash, put the base of it into the glue and attach it to your lash line as close as possible to your natural lashes. Start from the outer corner and apply as many as you want one over the other or in a continuous line. The biggest advantage of these lashes is that they look very natural, like they would be your own. After you have applied them, let the glue dry and you can use a liquid liner, then a mascara to finish the look.

Different Styles Of False Lashes And How To Apply Them (2)

Photo courtesy: 1. cirandademoca, thebeautydepartment.

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