Diane von Furstenberg Resort Collection 2014

Diane von Furstenberg, best known for her iconic wrap dress, launched the 2014 resort collection, called “Kaleidoscope”, a perfectly suited name for the variety of pieces that can be statement pieces  on their own, or can be mixed in order to achieve different sophisticated and effortless looks. Is the designer’s opinion that women nowadays are always on the go, but still maintaining a classy and chic appearance. Consequently, she took a new approach to the wrap dress, which is snakeskin patterned and made out of jersey top and Mikado silk skirt. A bold, but very delicate combination, just like the image of the modern women: strong and confident, yet feminine and gentle. The stylish, eye-catching collection also incorporates contrasting black&white and coloured graphic patterns that can be admired on the fitted short dresses, polished jackets and comfortable shorts.

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